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VENTANA DESIGN-BUILD SYSTEMS has developed a complete line of custom high performance exterior cladding systems and products for use in the commercial contract glazing industry.

The base systems are designed around using common core elements to provide consistency and continuity between systems. All of the products are designed to be pressure equalized and rainscreened to the extent possible in order to maximize the system performance.

The main framing members and internal components are designed using standard metric dimensions to facilitate precision of fabrication in our off shore fabrication/assembly facilities, in addition to our domestic capability.




The primary airseal barrier in the system is located 40mm behind the exterior face of the mullion. This provides for a rainscreen cavity in the front portion of the vertical mullion; which is pressure equalized to the exterior. The increased separation between the rainscreen gasket and the airseal gasket provides enhanced performance against water intrusion.

Rainscreen cavity can also be used to mechanically support fins, brackets, and other components without penetrating the primary airseal.

Primary airseal gasket is also used at the stack joint, reducing number of different parts.

A Geon spacer is used eliminate metal to metal contact between male and female mullions; which will provide for silent movement under expansion and contraction.

Interior track system inboard of the airseal will be used to accommodate the structural mullion splices and a variety of anchor assembly options.

Vertical glazing trim is designed to be cut to length only (no notching required). The glazing side of the trim is in a flush plane, allowing the head, sill, and horizontal trim to also be cut to length only (no notching required).

The vertical glazing trim is also used at the stack joint, reducing number of different parts. A different trim part will be used if/when exterior caps are used.

Rainscreen gasket is designed to compress and remain symmetrical in appearance under the full +/- 3mm range of tolerance for the mullion assembly.


Typical horizontal is symmetrical. This will eliminate handed parts at corners.

Horizontal glazing trim is designed to snap into place without requiring any fasteners using the Z-Clips. This is designed to be installed from the exterior; and can be easily removed and reinstalled for re-glazing.


Primary airseal line is set back 40mm from face of mullion to provide rainscreen cavity.

The Geon spacer is also used at the mullion, reducing number of different parts.

Head member is thermally broken using Z-Clips and PVC spacer. The top section with the Chicken Head is designed to extend over the top of the mullion without need for any machining.

Condensation or any other moisture which could develop within the stack joint assembly is collected within the lower condensation gutter and drained back to the exterior through the mullion in front of the airseal within the vertical rainscreen cavity.