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Our Team

The Ventana team is a top caliber, seasoned group of construction and façade professionals with expertise in complex construction projects, confined project sites, building skin, and mechanized structures.


Your business deserves a dedicated team who understands the intricacies and fundamentals of your organization and how to link to creative building solutions. We understand that need. Ventana provides innovative building solutions, that result in great facilities.

The Ventana leadership team has a pedigree and track record that matches anyone in the enclosure system industry.  They have extensive experience in sourcing, manufacturing, and installing all types of wall systems, including: mid and high rise commercial and residential buildings, structural glass walls, steel supported curtain walls, stone facades, impact-resistant curtain walls, cable net wall systems, glass canopies, fire-rated wall systems, and many more. At Ventana, we provide high quality, very competitive, and customer-centric designs.