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Old Orchard Glass Pavilion

Project Name

Old Orchard Glass Pavilion

City, State

Skokie, Illinois

Client Name




Project Size

1,300 square feet

Westfield Old Orchard Mall is an open-air upscale shopping center in Skokie, Illinois. It is the third largest mall by total square footage in Illinois. Due to its open-air nature, retail in the promenade areas is not practical during most times of the year. To increase revenue and create a statement structure that will attract retailers and consumers alike, a 1,300-square-foot Glass Cube is provided. This space will be available for retailers to lease during peak times and times of new product launches. The Glass Cube will also host informal gatherings and  be the backdrop for a summer concert series.

The location of the Glass Cube is at the intersection of three main promenades. This influences three different types of façades. As consumers approach from the north, the full height pivot glass doors filter people in. As consumers pass by the 20’-0” high display windows they are drawn in by the products on display. The south end of the Glass Cube is highlighted by full height glass accordion doors that completely open up to the long promenade to the south. This is where the Glass Cube Park is located and acts as an extension of the Glass Cube. The Glass Cube is a statement building at Westfield Old Orchard and will continue to draw new consumers and retailers into an exciting shopping experience.

This project was completed by the Ventana team while with another firm.